What type of makeup services do you offer?
Answer: I offer a wide range of makeup services, including bridal makeup, Reception Makeup, photoshoot makeup, and personalized makeup lessons.

What products do you use?

Answer: I only use high-quality, professional-grade makeup products from trusted brands in my makeup applications. All of the products I use are cruelty-free and carefully selected for their quality and performance.

How long does a makeup application take?

Answer: The length of a makeup application varies depending on the type of service and the desired look. Bridal makeup applications typically take between 60-90 minutes, while Reception Makeup and photoshoot makeup can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

How do I prepare for my makeup application?

Answer: It's important to arrive with a clean, moisturized face and any specific skincare products you prefer to use. You can also bring inspiration photos or any specific makeup products you'd like me to use during the application.

What should I expect during a makeup application?

Answer: During the application, I will consult with you on the desired look and create a customized makeup look that complements your unique features and personal style. I will also provide tips and recommendations for maintaining the look throughout the day or evening.

Do you offer makeup services for all skin types and tones?

Answer: Yes, I have extensive experience working with a variety of skin types and tones and am able to create makeup looks that flatter all skin types and tones.

Can you travel to my location?

Answer: Yes, I offer on-location makeup services for an additional fee. Please contact me for pricing and availability.